Tanglewood Corporation was established in 1948 as the management company overseeing the development of the Tanglewood subdivision near what is now the Uptown Houston area. Today, Tanglewood Corporation manages premier commercial properties including two in Uptown Houston, the heart of the city’s most prestigious retail, office and residential district.

Challenge: The progress of Tanglewood Corporation over 60-plus years dovetails with the development of the Uptown Houston area, a unique urban environment that attracts international business professionals, city dwellers, tourists and fashion-forward shoppers. The company needed a web site that mirrors the vitality of Uptown Houston while showcasing its managed properties, Post Oak Shopping Center and Tanglewood Center.

Solution: Because the site introduces prospective tenants to Tanglewood Corporation’s retail centers, we created a design that is as fresh and current as the Uptown Houston area itself, but captures the company’s professionalism and stability. Each key property has its own sub-site where photos of buildings, storefronts and streetscapes tell the story of quality and character. A map and a list of tenants show prospective lessees the kind of company they’d be keeping at either location. There’s also information about a commemorative book that recounts the life of Tanglewood Corporation’s founder and the history of Houston and its growth.


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